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Did you know that big national banks only sell their own products, so they can only offer you what they have for you on that day? Further, with most mortgage lenders, the company management provides the rate sheet for their individual loan officers, so the loan officer doesn’t really ever actually shop loan options for you. I actually do the shopping myself with dozens of lenders, so we can find the right lender to approve your specific financial circumstances at the most competitive interest rate.

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Securing a competitive rate

Home Inspection & Maintenance

Do you think you’re staying on top of maintaining your home? Well, if you’re not checking out your attic and crawlspace at least once a year, you might want to re-think that. Leaking pipes, rotting framing, rodent infestations, roof leaks, flooding, and mold, are among some of the conditions that may exist, and you’ll never know it until they become complicated and expensive to correct once they are finally discovered. 


The best time to examine these areas is during the rainy season when your house is under stress. If you dread the thought of personally examining these nasty areas, hire a home inspector to perform a maintenance inspection and give you a “to-do” list of recommended repairs and preventive measures.

With any luck, it will be a short list. But there might be that one item that was found early enough that you can address it before it becomes a big problem.

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Interior Design

If you’re looking to add a splash of color or pattern to a room, wallpaper can be an excellent option. There are thousands of choices available, from bold and colorful to subtle and neutral. If your room already has abundant color, look for a wallpaper that coordinates with a few of the colors from around the room. If the room color is neutral, then wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest and contrast.

You can choose to cover all the walls, a single “feature” wall, half of one wall (there should be a chair rail or wainscot to separate the halves), or even the ceiling. If you decide to wallpaper a feature wall, choose the wall that will be the focal point of the room; having more than one focal point in a room can be confusing.

Always order a sample before purchasing the roll(s). Wallpaper can look very different in person than it appears online. If you’re still nervous about using wallpaper then look for a peel and stick option. These enable you to remove the wallpaper at any point without damaging the walls.

How to Make Wallpaper Work Beautifully (Even If You’re Scared Of Pattern!)

Geneva Ness Design |


Check out Geneva’s designer-approved paint color picks on her Inspiration page.

What's Your Home Worth?

Zillow’s “Zestimate” feature is easy to refer to, but did you know the algorithm used to generate your Zestimate doesn’t consider your home's updates, condition, street conditions, or curb appeal? The only way to find out your home’s true value is to have a quick market analysis done. If you share a few answers below, Devon will send you a personalized one, providing you with a more accurate idea of what your home would sell for in today's market. 


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