Providing every client with a fully cared for experience—

without pressure or timelines, and with complete attention to detail.

Real Estate

Imagine Working With an Agent Who Operates With Transparency First & Always

The real estate process can leave buyers and sellers feeling overwhelmed and left wondering where to even begin. Much of it can feel unpredictable, but with the right preparation and advice, it can be streamlined and simplified.

As a real estate agent, landlord, and native of Seattle, Devon’s goal is to explain and guide you through each step with honest, forthright expertise—from the initial meeting to closing day and even after.



A Best of Zillow Agent with 13+ years of industry experience and a hands-on approach

Born and raised in Seattle, I not only know and love this area, but am also personally invested here. Beyond understanding the ins & outs of our market, my personal experience owning & managing our rental properties has furthered my ability to serve my clients as an in-touch real estate agent. I’m dedicated to ensuring each client has a fully cared for experience, where no question is too small, and no request is too big.

“Devon is a sharp sales professional with proven real estate buying and selling experience. She knows the market, understands trends, and recognizes both good value and quality.”


How Can Devon Help You Find “The One”?

In real estate, things change quickly, which is why she stays ready. Whether you’re buying, selling, or casually browsing, Devon is here to help and share everything she knows. 

What's Your Home Worth?

Zillow’s “Zestimate” feature is easy to refer to, but did you know the algorithm used to generate your Zestimate doesn’t consider your home's updates, condition, street conditions, or curb appeal? The only way to find out your home’s true value is to have a quick market analysis done. If you share a few answers below, Devon will send you a personalized one, providing you with a more accurate idea of what your home would sell for in today's market. 


You deserve an agent who answers within the hour and isn’t afraid to get in the trenches with you.

Whether you’re ready to close ASAP or just getting the process started, simply call, text, get in touch— however, whenever, and you can trust a reply is coming soon. It'd be an honor to walk through this process with you!